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Love to Click or Live to love clicking. (Improper Works) Introduces you to a next level clicking fest where you can forget your boring social life and focus on more important things, like building your own private military company.


Araschopf is building his army to conquer the world and it is your job to click his way to riches until your fingers bleed or the war hungry tyrant has had enough troops to command.

PMC Builder is not in its final form as it is sold right now! It is just a beginning to the actual game we wish to create for the future. In future you are able to actually follow and see where your investments go and watch as Araschopf wages his war against the world on the background. Later you can buy individual soldiers with full-fledged artwork and deep character lore. The soldiers may be sent out to execute various missions from which they may or may not return from. These missions add up to game by making you more money.

The final game will consist of two phases where you first gather money to buy troops and then deploy them to the world to take on missions and wisely place them on conflict areas on a world map. Watch out to not anger the enemy PMCs, for they may attack you and hinder your numbers. With actual voice acting, sounds & music the game will sound fantastic and immerse you in to the world of war and corruption. By buying this game you are supporting Improper Works and helping PMC Builder to become the game it was envisioned to be!


When we are able, we will test this on Mac and Linux computers, and we might go for mobile release depending on the popularity the game receives on its up-coming campaign on a crowdfunding platform yet to be selected.


Buy Now0.70€ EUR or more

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0.70€ is not expensive but I think they choose to play clicker games online instead of paying money for this. However, that is your effort, so it need to be appreciated. I will wait for your next works. Now I must enjoy free games on freegames66.com

New Conceptual Images will be up in a few hours!

Screenshots coming up in a few minutes! Sketches showing what we have in mind for the future coming tomorrow/the day after.